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Oleander leaf earring, manufactured in 36 steps.

The leaf is naturally dried and moulded to maintain its three-dimensional, organic shape. Carefully preserved by hand in several layers of non-toxic resin, the piece is adorned with a silver wire along its backside and finished with a minimal hook made of Argentium Silver. Argentium is hypoallergenic and does not contain nickel. Its high amount of pure silver and alloy without copper provide a high tarnish resistance. It is low maintenance, more durable than traditional silver, and always ethically sourced.

OLÉ9 is a one-off piece and entirely made by hand.

Please wear with care due to the fragile nature of the material and note that the leaf may develop in color with time and sunlight exposure due to its organic heart and character. It's in the nature of nature!


Argentium Silver & Resin

Size: Approx. 75 mm - 85 mm

lenny murr

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